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Forensic psychology


This project will be a career investigation presentation in which you identify an area of professional interest in the field of psychology (forensic psychology) and create goals and strategies to meet the specific qualifications of the identified profession. The combined components of the project will provide a foundation for professional development linking your academic pursuits with your career and professional interests.


In this assignment you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:


 Analyze the origins and subfields of psychology in making connections to their modern day applications


 Critique psychological research to determine the credibility and applicability of sources for supporting claims


 Create professionally written, evidence-based psychological arguments that adhere to the American Psychological Association style guidelines


 Create strategies for achieving career goals by examining opportunities in the field of psychology


 Justify the importance of the scientific method for substantiating claims in the field of psychology


Prompt B


Your career investigation presentation should answer the following prompt: Pursuing employment opportunities related to career interests can be a difficult


endeavor, so it is often beneficial to seek assistance from individuals who have knowledge of employment trends and best practices. For this project, you will create a presentation to potentially deliver to a career advisor in Southern New Hampshire University’s Career Services. For the advisor to assist you in your endeavors, you will need to provide information around your career interests and gaps in skills. You will also create career goals and accompanying strategies to


address these gaps. As you create this presentation, keep your audience in mind (a career advisor), but you are NOT required to actually deliver this presentation to the advisor.


As this is a self-sustaining presentation, you will need to include speaker notes or a transcript.


Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:


I. Identify a current or future potential career of interest in your selected subfield, explaining your interest. What is the specific job title, and what are the primary responsibilities? What are the required personal, professional, and educational qualifications?


II. Identify the gaps between your current skills and the desired qualifications of the selected career, as well the areas in which you currently meet the qualifications.


III. Create specific short-term and long-term personal, educational, and professional goals based on the identified gaps in skills. Ensure these goals are specific, measurable, and realistic.


IV. Create prioritized short-term and long-term strategies to achieve each of your identified goals. Ensure in creating these goals that you identify potential obstacles and tailor your strategies to assist in overcoming these potential obstacles.10-12 slides not including reference page