Case Study #4 ) Discussion Board # 5  is your response to ALL 5 Questions located on page 171  in your Health Navigation and Literacy Book. Review the case study thoroughly to provide answers to the questions presented. Your cumulative response should be at least 300 words or more. Anything short of 300 words will result in point deductions. In order to receive FULL credit, you must respond to at least 1 classmate with 2-3 sentences. Simply stating " I agree" or "I disagree" will not suffice. 


Format: Title Page, Double- Spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt Font, Adherent to word requirement 

**Use your original thoughts/ideas.** Please use the Case Study Rubric located under Course Documents to ensure your responses to each question meet the requirements. Use Citations in APA format to support information retrieved from outside sources.