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 CASE STUDY: MONTVIEW STADIUM ASSIGNMENT Planning and scheduling are a part of any project manager’s routine. And to do this well, we need to understand how the triple constraint (time, cost, scope) affect our priorities when planning a project’s execution. In the case that follows, you will use your project planning skills (and software) to plan a sport stadium’s construction. You will also use your expert judgment to address the questions that follow, based on your final project schedule. This assignment will introduce you to project management software (or further your knowledge of the software), further develop your planning skills, and allow you to determine next steps for a large-scale project constrained by time and cost. INSTRUCTIONS Read the Updated Case 6.2: Montview Stadium Case document attached to this assignment. Using Microsoft Project, create a task list and Gantt chart that details the project schedule (see the Table 1 provided for task details). Once the chart is created, answer the questions presented in the case document. Considering the information provided, construct a Risk Response Matrix that details at least 3 risk events that are likely for this case, your responses to the risks, contingency plans, triggers, and the responsible party for each risk event. Then, in the format described below, submit two documents.

– The first document is a paper completed in Microsoft Word that follows current APA format. – The second document is the Microsoft Project file, which is also required. The paper is to include at least 3 resources (the text and at least 2 peer-reviewed sources) and total of 5–6 pages while including the following: 1. Title page. 2. Project Summary (2–3 pages), including an introduction to the project and answers to questions 1–3 from the case. For this assignment, include research-based rationale for your answers; be sure to include a discussion of possible risks as well as the date the project is scheduled to be completed. Include at least 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly sources in your discussion. 3. Appendix: One-page Risk Response matrix. 4. Reference page. The paper is to be in APA 7th edition format.