Case study on employment law
Paper details:
Please read the case and answer the questions relating to the topic. Please prepare a 2 – 3 page summary, fully addressing all of the questions and fully supporting your views with the appropriate references, which should be included via in-text citations and listed on a reference page.

Mary has been with the organization for 14 years. She used to be a star performer, but now she barely keeps up with production quotas – and her re-work numbers are on the rise. Besides her production going downhill, she is sullen and argumentative. Last week, she got into a real tangle with Jack and they both got written warnings with one-day suspensions. This morning, she flew into a rage when Holly misplaced one of the hand tools. The production supervisor says hes just disgusted with the whole thing and is meeting with Mary this afternoon. It looks like Mary may be on her way out the door (p. 21).

1. Describe the factors that should be examined before firing Mary.
2. Assess what employment laws may be relevant in this situation.
3. Recommend actions that might avoid Marys termination and improve the situation.