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this is NOT an essay writing,just simply answer the folliwing questions After readin the attached document case study file

3. What areas do you think they should consider and why? 
4. Should the organization use a rating method so each employee receives a score? Explain your answer. 5. Why does the HR manager need the buy-in of appraisers and appraisees?
 6. What types of training and development opportunities could be offered to employees? 
10. Write an e-mail to all support staff to tell them about the new performance management system. 
 11. You have been asked to give a presentation to all support staff to discuss the practical details of the new system. What areas will you cover? 
 12. What five tips would you give managers to help them deliver an effective performance review meeting? 
 13. Explore how the use of a 360 appraisal system could be beneficial to Southwood School. 
14. Identify the pros and cons of introducing a performance-related pay option into the organizations performance management system. What would you recommend? 
 15. What improvements would you make to Southwoods new performance management system? 
16. How would you ensure that the organizations commitment to equal opportunity and diversity is embedded into the performance management process?