Graduate Students 5-7 pages minimum,
Using the case study (David), complete a Substance Abuse Assessment/Case Conceptualization,
and a Treatment Plan. The Case Conceptualization must include substances used, pattern(s) of
use, psychological, social, familial, physical, occupational, legal, and interpersonal consequences
of substance use, diagnosis, current stage of change and prognosis. The Treatment Plan must
include Goals/Outcomes, Who will be involved in treatment, what specific interventions
(education/questions/reflections) will you provide this patient, in counseling session focus,
outside of session homework assignments, and how you will help this client (and family) after
they had a relapse while under your care. State the problem; State the goal that the client wants
to attain; State at least one Objective; and state one intervention that you will do to help your
client achieve his objective to meet his/her goal. Your treatment plan must be Specific, Time
Framed, and Measurable.* Be sure to include information pertaining to what countertransference
issues you could explore so that your own biases about substance users/addicts don’t get in the
way of you successfully treating David. There is additional information on how to complete this
assignment on uLearn.