I need a 4 page essay written in Times New Romans (APA Format).

Length: Four to five pages (1,000 to 1,250 words)
Compose the essay using Microsoft Word and using 12-point Times New Roman.
Format and cite at least four high-quality sources using the seventh edition of APA.

Week 5: Cause and Effect Essay Outline
This week you will begin working on a cause and effect essay that will be completed in Week 6. Please see the Week 5 Cause and Effect Essay Assignment, as well as the Week 5 Lesson, for a list of possible topics and all of the assignment requirements. After selecting a topic, develop a rough outline and share it with the class in your first post. As is noted in our textbook and the Week 5 Lesson, there are three main ways to organize a cause and effect essay.

Effects of a cause
Causes of an effect
Causal chain
As a visual reference, here is a simple example of an outline using the effects of a cause approach. You may use this as a basic template.

Thesis: Eating junk food, sleeping poorly, and not exercising will negatively impact your health.

Feel terrible
Stomach problems
Look bad
Weight gain
Tired and haggard
Perform poorly
No energy
Miss work and school