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Instructions: Read the directions completely and carefully.

Use the fact pattern of Wilma Bickering v. Hugh Bickering (adapted from New York Family Law, 3d Edition, by Sara P. Schechter (2013) Delmar Cengage Learning) to draft a verified complaint for a divorce action being filed in Queens County Supreme Court. You should incorporate all information you deem relevant to draft your divorce complaint using at least THREE (3) causes of action, for your firms client Wilma Bickering. (You can feel free to embellish (add additional facts) on the facts provided to make your argument for your causes of action or to fill in answers that arent included in the fact pattern) If you can argue more than 3 causes of action, that would yield a greater score on this assignment, but not required.
Print the form and handwrite your answers or use a fillable PDF program to complete it. Additional pages added MUST be typed.
Use additional pages to make your arguments in your COMPLAINT if they can not fit in the space provided (HINT for full credit and a high score it should NOT fit in the small space provided on the verified complaint form. WRITE SEE ATTACHMENT for that question, when you will be answering on a separate sheet of paper.
Use the WHEREFORE clause ( #14) to request ALL relief requested ( ex. custody, child support, property, etc.) This cannot fit in the small space provided so use an additional sheet to answer the question.