CBD’s effect on scholastic achievement in college students
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This is a major written undertaking. The research proposal includes a SUBSTANTIAL literature review to introduce both the topic of interest and your particular research proposal. Following the literature review you will provide a summary of what you think needs further investigation, clarification, etc. Then you will briefly describe your independent and dependent variables and provide your hypotheses (keeping in mind psychology is grounded in both theory and empirical research, therefore the exclusive use of a priori hypotheses should be avoided). You will then provide a detailed method section. As previously discussed we will discuss this in class but there are many variables and you must make sure you understand your topic and the methods you choose to use.

100 points: Depth and breadth of research Do not omit studies with significant findings (using only peer reviewed journals)

100 points: Critical thinking your ability to explain why the literature is adequate/inadequate, applicable/narrow, how it has directed your proposal etc.

100 points: Methods Completeness, appropriateness, and your ability to understand WHY you chose the methods (including groups, numbers, etc) that you used

100 points: APA format. You should have an APA manual, use it as I will when grading

100 points: Writing. Syntax, grammar, spelling and the general ability to express your ideas in a clear, and intelligent manner While this is only 100 points, you will not likely score in the other areas if the writing is incomprehensible.

THERE IS NO FORMAL PAGE LIMIT: A research proposal can be as few as 10 pages or as many as 50 it depends on how long it takes you to review the topic, identify deficits, make your hypotheses, and describe your methods. As a GENERAL RULE, the research proposal will look much like an empirical study without a results section. A discussion section may be included to provide any additional thoughts that may be relevant which may not fit in other sections. As I said, there can be significant variation here, so if you are in doubt, ask. However, you should look at published literature to get an idea of how the information is presented.