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Part A: Concrete Rose Marketing Plan

Courtney Nelson

MKT500 Marketing ManagementStrayer University

Professor Lisa Amans

April 24, 2023


Concrete Rose is an innovative and premium beauty and wellness establishment, located in the serene state of Virginia. The main aim of Concrete Rose is to provide our esteemed clients with top-notch services such as massages, facials, body treatments, nails, and toes. The company understand that individuals lead busy lives, thus we offer a tranquil environment where they can unwind while enjoying exclusive spa treatments provided by our professional therapists. Concrete Rose prides itself on delivering exceptional service through personalized care for each client’s specific needs which sets us apart from competitors in the industry.

In order to ensure continued growth and success of the business venture, a comprehensive marketing plan has been laid out which includes a compelling mission statement outlining what Concrete Rose stand for and the principles guiding us every day; the goals of the company that will steer the firm towards profitability; environmental analysis aiming to identify key trends affecting consumers’ purchasing decisions. Also, it will analyze the SWOT analysis highlighting Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats facing Concrete Rose.

Mission Statement