answers the following questions with one or two-sentence responses for each:

-What is the authors or filmmakers major purpose or thesis?  A possible response: The author seeks to demonstrate/prove/or show that ______, or The chapter reviews the issue of race and provide strong arguments on its significance;

-How does the author or filmmaker support their thesis (arguments, focus, geographical area and data/information that the author uses to       support her/his purpose)?  Consider the following type of response:  The filmmaker meets his/her purpose by providing examples that              illustrate his major argument, or The filmmaker focuses on (period, kind of information) to give added support to his major argument in the      film.
-How does the article or film engage the general subject of Mexican American history?  A suggested response: The author provides an             in-depth examination of racial thinking, a central theme in our course, or The author explains immigration as a feature of the concept of the   reserve army of labor.