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Chapters #25-32.

Instructions: Answer for a total response of 500-words minimum response, which does not include title or bibliography pages, citing or bibliography. This covers Chapters #25-32. Format: Use internal citation as [Corbett, 201] or Chicago style. Make sure you have a title page, bibliography page, internal citing, footnotes /endnotes or internal citation (as your citations) in addition to your responses when complete. Citing: Use internal citation as [Corbett, 201] or Chicago style footnotes or endnotes for your citations, keep in mind anything you take from a source should be cited since it comes from another author.

You can put the footnote or endnote at the end of the paragraph or after a quote or other statistic. Be sure to quote [use quotation marks] anything taken directly from the textbook. If you paraphrase you still need to cite the author and make sure you change more than a word here and there! Make sure your responses are not simply one quotation after another, but rather your arguments using the sources. Do NOT submit the FINAL without citations in the text, simply listing sources on the bibliography is not sufficient for college-level work! Make sure your quoting does not exceed 75 words or 15% of the response length.

Quoting: you may use short quotes with proper citations to support your arguments, no more than a sentence long at a time. Total use of quotes in your exam should not exceed 15% of the total or 75 words. More quoting will result in loss of points, you should focus on your analysis instead of using long quotes or merely stringing long quotes together and calling that research. Quotes do NOT count as your words! Spelling: Do not use contractions in formal writing, spell-check before submitting for best results. Sources: Be sure to use the textbook as the ONLY source for your exam. Special Note: Do NOT submit in 1st or 2d person (= I, we, our, etc.), instead use 3d person since this is formal writing! Do not use long quotes, keep quotes brief and always in quotation marks. Also, no use of bulleted lists in formal writing. Themes Section [40 points] Instructions:

Choose one (1) of the questions below for a total 500-word response. Given the length of the required response, be sure to cite the textbook at least four (4) times in your response! Keep in mind these are integrative, cumulative questions which are not meant to be drawn from one, but rather two (or more) chapters to demonstrate your overall knowledge of the course content. Be sure to cite the textbook! Failure to use at least two chapters will cost points. Special Note: Be specific, use examples to support your arguments! [UPSELL_BEGIN] digital_copies_of_sources_used = 0 plagiarism = 0 pref_writer = 0 urgent_writer_assign = 0 version = 4; Technical line. Don’t touch! [UPSELL_END]