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Design a district-wide professional development day where you would present information on culturally responsive teaching. Be sure to use the information contained in the websites listed in the syllabus and on Blackboard to assist you in understanding the components of culturally responsive teaching. The issues of race, culture, socio-economics, ability and gender should be raised. Some of the characteristics of culturally responsive teaching include: Positive perspectives on parents and families Communication of high expectations Learning within the context of culture Student-centered instruction Building Relationships Reshaping the curriculum Teacher as facilitator The following should be included in the design of the professional development activities: A full day agenda (including times and activities). SMART Goals should be stated. A 10-15 slide power point presentation that you would present during the day (with information from the listed websites on culturally responsive teaches). Be sure to include all of the characteristics of culturally responsive teaching. Upload this to BlackBoard on the same submission as your Paper for this assignment. Information that you would utilize during the day {resources, handouts, artifacts, discussion questions, etc. (at least 3 items)}. An in-depth and critically analyzed discussion of the importance of culturally relevant district-wide teaching and learning. 6-8 pages and at least five sources should be utilized. Paper Outline: CUC Honor Code Page Title Page Abstract with Keywords Introductory Paragraph (Title of your paper in bold and centered; do not entitle Introduction) Characteristics of Culturally Responsive Teaching Narrative Describing Full Day Agenda Resources, Handouts, Artifacts Critical Analysis of Importance of Culturally Relevant District-Wide Teaching and Learning Conclusion Appendix A Table or Chart of full day agenda to include SMART Goals; Action Steps; Persons Responsible; Timeline and Evidence of Completion See Assignment #4 Professional Development: Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning Rubric 25 points