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Paper details:
You are only working on Week 7 and answer these questions”):
Week 7: Astro Airlines
Topic – Charismatic and Transformational leadership (Contemporary Approach to Leadership)

Case – Astro Airlines (Part One & Two)

1. Describe Burtons leadership behavior?

2. Was Burton a charismatic leader in the company at this time?

Please make an introduction to the key concepts involved in this specific case.
Also a power point presentation only for the key concepts part.
Please note powerpoint for key concept should last 2-3 minutes

In this assessment task, you are required to identify and research the key concepts, models or theories in the case study provided, and analyse the case study to answer questions stated in the Questions Section. Your critical analysis should focus on the major issues of the case, looking at possible scenarios and solutions to the problems identified. In particular, the case analysis should be linked to theoretical principles, concepts and/or models covered in this course.

This assessment task will begin in Week 4. Each group will be responsible for a case study analysis and presentation. Students are also requested to offer interesting learning activities at the end of their presentation (i.e. self-tests, role plays, audio-visual displays, VDO clips, expert interviews, etc.). The main objectives of this assessment task are to reinforce the understanding of the contents, theories, and analytical skills, to demonstrate students ability to work collaboratively and to share and communicate ideas, experience and knowledge.