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CHDVB42 – Child, Family, and Community / Student Portfolio Assignment

– Part One CHDVB42 – Child, Family, and Community / Student Portfolio Assignment Write an interpretation of all the systems analyzing the Bronfenbrenner model with respect to your own life (microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem). In your analysis be sure to: In the microsystem- analyze one’s own values, goals, and sense of self as related to family history and life experiences, assessing how this impacted your relationships with your family and the world around you, in the mesosystem-analyze how family structure, your schools, peers, religious affiliations, affected your development.

In the exosystem- – assess how educational, political, and socioeconomic factors and social issues directly impacted your life and who you are today. In the macrosystem- analyze your personal overarching beliefs and values and how they were formed or influenced through the interrelationship between you, your family beliefs, and the world around you. – Part Two Provides a detailed description of 3 strategies that can be used to support and empower families in their children’s development and learning. Explain what the strategy is, and what it is used to endorse or empower in the development or learning of a child, and provide one example of how the strategy would be used in a real-life circumstance. You may choose any of the strategies mentioned in your reading throughout the semester.