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China’s Foreign Policy on Foreign Websites
Paper details:
The paper itself is just a rough draft.

This is the feedback from the instructor: “I like how you found a way of focusing the broader “Internet and Sovereignty” into a very punctual issue. However, this time around, the annotated bibliography takes most of the space, which is good and not so good. The positive side is that most of your research is done and it seems to be very worthwhile. On the other hand, now you need to make all these look like a cohesive paper. For you final draft, my suggestion is simple, get rid of the annotated bibliography by integrating it into the body of your paper, AND work on an interesting conclusion to wrap things up. Looking forward to reading it. Good luck!”

The instruction for the paper:

Pinpoint any foreign policy event or decision that surprises or confuses you, in a country we studied or one to which you have a strong connection. Then, write a 2000-word analytical research paper that explains this event/decision. Your job is to identify such an event or decision, provide some possible reasons for why it occurred, then explain how these reasons contradict or support one another
For your success, the assignment is broken up into several steps:

1. 500-word description of your event or situation and why you find it surprising or confusing.
2. 1500-2000 word rough draft of your paper, together with an annotated bibliography.
3. Final draft, with a standard bibliography, incorporating my feedback on the rough draft.

Please take into account the comments I made when grading your research proposal. Overall, keep the following in mind:

Word count matters: 1420 or 2050 words are fine, not many more or many less [3 points]
The issue under study has to be a foreign policy issue (international in nature, involving two or more countries — 4 points for issue selection). If you still have doubts about your research subject/issue, you may still refer to the suggested topics list.
As much as possible, try to apply what we have been studying in this course:

how history and religion matter in intercultural interactions among nations;
how international institutions/foreign powers may frame the faith of entire populations.

Providing detailed and accurate facts about the issue is important, but I’m looking more for your own analysis: an explanation of WHY the event/decision took place (along with previous bullet item: 10 points)

In line with the point above: Your sources should not be limited to news articles. As much as possible, include material from academic sources