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Choose a safe place to observe.

 For this assignment, you will conduct a mini-ethnography. To complete this assignment, follow these steps: Choose a safe place to observe. You can choose your home environment, a work space, or some other location where it is possible to watch for at least 30 minutes safely. Observe your place for 30 minutes, taking notes of the things you see and experience. For example, you may make notes about how the setting looks, the people who are there, the behaviors you observe, etc. The key with this step is to try and see the area with “new” eyes. Think about your notes as your attempt to capture everything you can in the moment. Review your notes and write up a narrative (factual story) of what you observed. Thnk about your narrative as the comprehensive tale of all the things you jotted down in your notes. Submit both your notes and your narrative. If you take your notes by hand, a scan of those notes is acceptable.