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You may choose any text or texts that fit in with the theme of the course, which is tragedy and comedy, and do an analysis of the work of literature or film. The work of literature can be from any place in the world, so if you wish to do, say, Arabic literature that fits in with the themes of the course, that would be fine.
it must be on a topic of your choice having to do with contemporary literary criticism and theory. at first the proposal by answering in writing the following queries:
1. What is the tentative title of your paper?
2. What is the primary text(s) of your investigation (if applicable).
2. What is the thesis of your paper?
3. Describe in a further 2 or 3 paragraphs what you plan to demonstrate in your paper. What critical approach or theoretical framework or concept will you apply or investigate?
4. Attach a working annotated bibliography of no fewer than 10 sources. At least 2/3 of your sources must come from the MLA International Bibliography, and all sources must be bona fide scholarly sources (i.e., no Wikipedia, etc.)