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Choose three sociological concepts (one concept

from three different chapters we have read from the

textbook prior to the midterm due date) and identify

their roles in the PBS Frontline documentary Putin’s

Revenge (2017), produced by Michael Kirk, et al. https://articlewritingcafe.com/

AND/OR the newly released Putin’s Road to War

(2022), directed by Michael Kirk. In each body

paragraph, define your key term (or key terms), briefly

describe the part of the film you will apply the term to,

and then provide your analysis of how that key term

applies to the film.

HomeWrite about how you’d like to promote a better world. (Mandatory reading: “Abduction to the 9th Planet” also known as “Thiaoouba Prophecy.” Other suggested readings: “Conversations with God”, or books of a similar kind. Sample topics to consider

You are required to complete a five-paragraph essay

that examines the relationships between sociological

concepts in the course readings and what takes place

in the film screened in class.


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