Summary of argument Author(s)Summary of contents Strengths Weaknesses Conclusion
Introduction Summary of contents Analysis Conclusion
Sections: Summary of argument/Introduction
What is the book’s main takeaway? What is the main argument/thesis? If you can identify a thesis statement, quote it directly what is your thesis about the book?
Sections: Author(s)/Introduction
Who is the author/who are the authors/editors? What are they known for? Previous contributions to the field? Biographical information
Sections: Summary of contents
What are the parts that makeup the whole? What is the main takeaway from each chapter? Do say takeaways flow in contribution to the main argument the work is making? Is the argument persuasive? What research methods are used? What evidence is used to support the author’s claims? Is the author’s use of the evidence convincing? Do the conclusions conflict with other books you’ve read or courses you’ve taken?
Sections: Strengths & Weakness/Analysis
What does this book do well? What doesn’t it do well? What are your criticisms? Pair your assertions with evidence from the book what does this book add to the grand academic dialogue? In what aspects does this book miss the mark?
Sections: Conclusion
How has this book helped you understand the topic? Do you recommend this book? Why or why not? Restate your thesis about the book. Make your final judgment here Balance the book’s strengths and weaknesses here in order to unify your evaluation who would appreciate reading or benefit from this book? What fields do they come from?