The woman of choice is Dolores Huerta

I have already assigned each of you your own social activist of the twentieth century that you are going to be researching and presenting to the rest of the class. In addition to learning more about these specific protest movements and their leaders, one of the things I am hoping to explore is the lineages across these movements. What kinds of conditions led these figures to become involved in this movement? What previous figures and ideas did they draw on for inspiration? What kinds of tactics did they use to force those in power to pay attention? How did they hope to change American society? in this period? These are some of the questions that I hope to get at in our discussion this week. We are going to be thinking about what these intersecting and diverging stories can tell us about the rich and varied American protest tradition of the twentieth century. includes at least 4 slides with clear headings and supporting information

  • Addresses major turning points in the life of this historical figure and how their story fits into the context of social change in the United States
  • Successful presentations will draw clear connections between your research subject and the themes you have already been reading about in the text
  • Slides should be visually appealing and include images where possible
  • Bibliography slide listing at least 4 credible scholarly sources
  • All sources must have an identifiable author and
  • includes a paragraph-long “script” below the slides that provide an overview of your presentation and some of the most important details of your research (500 words)
  • Should address some of the specific questions of the prompt