practice problm, eveidence change
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Discussion: Clarifying Connections: Practice Problem, Evidence, Changing Practice
Your literature review should be completed at this point in the module. Working from that assumption, you will use this Discussion to share your preliminary outcomes and analysis from your literature review with colleagues for their comment. You may choose to incorporate feedback from peers before submitting your Module Assignment on Day 7, although that is not required. The aim of this Discussion is to support you in providing the kind of analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of evidence to a group that would be involved in presenting a quality improvement initiative to stakeholders.

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To prepare:
Review the Module 4 Learning Resources with guidance for analyzing and synthesizing evidence from your literature review.
Complete your analysis of outcomes and synthesis of evidence to inform a practice change.
Consider the linkage between your practice problem, evidence to address it, and the need for a practice change initiative.
Assess the strength of this linkage and how to present it to colleagues.
With these thoughts in mind
By Day 3 of Week 10
Post an explanation of the results of your literature review and the connection to your practice problem. Then, explain your synthesis of evidence on which to base a practice change, and the need for a practice change initiative. Be specific and provide examples.
Read a selection of your colleagues posts.
By Day 6 of Week 10
Respond to at least two colleagues on 2 different days with questions to clarify or suggestions to sharpen or finesse their explanation of their problem-evidence-change initiative linkage.