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Coca-Cola (KO)

Complete a comprehensive financial analysis of Coca-Cola, including a review of the company’s financial performance, its capital structure,

including estimates for cost of debt, cost of equity, and weighted average cost of capital.  As part of the analysis, compare the company’s existing capital structure to your estimated optimal capital structure and include the calculation of what the WACC of that capital structure would be. 

Finally, discuss the company’s dividend and share buyback policies, both historically and prospectively.  KO is expected to release their 2019 earnings by mid-February, be sure to incorporate the most recent available financial data and management discussions in the analysis. It is not the point of this analysis to develop a ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ recommendation, though the report must include a 12-month projection of value for the company, calculated using at least two methods (one must be a discounted cash flow method, the other may be a relative value method). The paper should be a minimum of 15 pages, excluding cover page and appendices, please see the sample paper for some guidance on what’s expected