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communicating the science in a non-jargon filled accessible manner.

The idea for this paper is for you to critically examine a problem of current interest in the field of animal behavior while communicating the science in a non-jargon filled accessible manner. The GOAL is for you to produce an essay that illustrates that you have researched and thought in depth about a topic in animal behavior. write an essay (around 6 pages long- see below) about some kind of animal behavior in the advice column style of Dr. Tatiana (Judson, 2002). Your essay should be accessible to the average pop science reader, while at the same time it must contain primary literature sources and be well-seated within the fields of animal behavior and evolutionary biology. The idea for your essay comes from a single research paper, but that paper and the work described in it fits into larger fields (like kin selection theory or optimal foraging theory). It may be that the results of your original study support certain hypotheses or refute a different hypothesis. Therefore, be alert to differing scientific methodologies or philosophies and to the possibility of alternative explanations for similar observations. Do not approach this assignment with the idea that there is going to be something wrong with the papers you read. Give your reader enough information so that your arguments can be followed and your opinion understood, but do not just summarize the papers being discussed. Rather, focus on the issues that attract your attention and present them in a comparative, critical, and synthetic way. Your paper must rely heavily on the primary literature and not review articles and/or popular accounts. Specialized books (not textbooks, but edited volumes or scholarly works) are also appropriate. Internet sources are almost never appropriate. You should expect to use at least 10 sources, if not more. I do not want papers that rely heavily on single review articles. The paper must contain significant synthetic discussion.