Purpose: In so many ways, the book Falling in Love with the Process, is a book that brings to life in one man’s story so many of the concepts and themes that we are focusing on in this course. This discussion board assignment offers a chance to APPLY and INTEGRATE what you are learning in the course with Bill’s life story of recovery and advocacy.

Format: Your post must be 400-500 words


  • (5 pts) Begin by quoting your favorite passage in the book (100 words or fewer).
  • (10 pts) In your own words, describe what you see as the key message in this passage.
  • (10 pts) Discuss how the passage connects with a concept in one of the chapters in the textbook. Be sure to use appropriate APA for your in-text citation (Parsloe & Geist-Martin, 2020, p. ?).
  • (10 pts) Discuss how the passage connects to an idea presented in a film or TedTalk.  Be sure to cite a SPECIFIC scene and not what is generally true.
  • (10 pts) Describe how the passage connects to a SPECIFIC moment in your own personal or professional life. 
  • (5 pts) At the end of the post, include a citation of the book, using appropriate APA.   Be sure to use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar throughout the post.