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Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications multi-part question and need a reference to help me learn.

This essay is the major project of this semester and should reflect the culmination of our efforts in rhetorical criticism. I expect the paper to be around 7-10 pages in length. I also expect that you will select an entirely unique and new “text,” and not something you have written about previously. It should include the following sections:

a) Description of the text: What object have you selected and why? What is worth studying? What is your significance argument? Explain and justify the selection of your text. This should mimic the descriptive analysis paper that we completed earlier this semester.

b) Contextual analysis: Examine and explain the “historical” context related to your object of inquiry and describe it as fully as necessary. This should mimic the contextual analysis essay we completed and provide readers with the background necessary to follow and comprehend your argument.

c) Explanation of method: this section should explain what method you are using, how you plan to use that method, and how that method has been used before (to some extent). This will require you to research your method(s).

d) The analysis of your text: this is the most important section of your essay. You should analyze your artifact and make an argument about it. You should use the method(s) you have chosen to perform the criticism. Be sure to provide evidence from the artifact to make your case. This section mimics (to some degree) the work of the Metaphor, Narrative, Visual, Gender, and Race papers.

f) Conclusions

Please use MLA for formatting and citations. Please include a bibliography.