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Create a PowerPoint slide presentation of 12 to 15 slides. Include the following: Status assessment: report statistics related to birth, death, poverty, crime, and incidence of mental and physical illness. Structure assessment: include inpatient and outpatient health care facilities, local government structures, schools, law enforcement agencies, retailers, roads, population demographics, socioeconomic status, gender, and age. Process assessment: include factors such as member commitment, communication patterns, and relationships of the community with the larger surrounding society and how well the community expresses needs for and uses available resources. Research tips: To find sources for your community assessment project, read page 344 carefully in your Blais and Hayes textbook. Identify your community from any areas within Palm Beach. After assessing all components of the community, describe what you think the communities’ weaknesses are and what the communities’ strengths are. Explain your answers. Consider each weakness you have identified in the community you studied and give at least one suggestion for creatively turning those weaknesses into strengths. Explain your answers. Slides should contain bullets, not paragraphs. Use the notes area below the slide to expand the explanation of the bulleted points if necessary. Examples: Hospice in Palm Beach County was examined and it was determined that a Skype program would benefit the inpatient population by providing….. The American Heart Association should offer more CPR classes in the elementary schools within Palm Beach County because….. All 4 criteria met – 1. Introduces the theme of the presentation. – 2. Student presents information in logical sequence which audience can follow – 3. All key points/criteria addressed. – 4. Engages the audience All 4 criteria met – 1. All assigned points/criteria developed. – 2. Appropriate content is covered in depth without being redundant. – 3. Student demonstrates full knowledge by answering all questions with explanations and elaboration – 4. Current peer-reviewed research incorporated. All 4 criteria met – 1. Student’s graphics explain and reinforce the subject of the presentation. – 2. Summarizes the theme – 3. All key points/criteria addressed. – 4. PowerPoint design is creative and engaging All 4 criteria met – 1. No spelling errors – 2. No grammatical errors, including verb tense and word usage – 3. No writing errors, including sentence structure, and formatting is congruent throughout the PowerPoint – 4. Must be all original work. All 4 criteria met – 1. APA style used properly for citations – 2. APA style used properly for references – 3. APA style used properly for quotations – 4. All references are cited, and all citations have references.