Let me tell you a Story of a powerful tycoon by the name Jeffrey Epstein, He thought he was too powerful, to overcome the authority and anyone in his way, just because of money, but he ended up committing suicide, Hope you guys with all your power will not end up in the same road, with all the money you’ve made of people’s back, pain and blood, your time will come, hopefully hope your money saves your, but we are relentless and watching, we will orcharstrate a plan that you will never see coming, the very same clients on your website, legitimate will bring you to your knees, only 30 student’s will do the job just wait, else you work with us closely, people like Julia should not be managers, leave alone checking any papers on the website, the company is paying her with our hard earned money, very lazy and the most unreasonable ever seen, change your strategies, we will all loose our jobs we do not care and start all over again, for us we work for more than one job, so it wunt be a loss but I know the company will one day come to its knees, inform the management and Amanda.