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Mapping toxic waste sites
Paper details:
All assignments must include the following
Organize your report in the format of a scientific lab report. Use the instructions on pages 3-4 of the urban ecology handout Download the urban ecology handoutfor a list of the sections and their content.
Your introduction must include at least two external sources that provide background information on your topic. These can be general background information (the “context” part of the introduction) or something more specific to your study system.
Add a Literature Cited section to the end of your report with proper formatting of all your citations (APA format or similar).

Mapping toxic waste sites
Choose one of the following two options for increasing your sample size
Focus on one city: Collect data from at least ten locations in your city for each of the four combinations of race and income.
Compare across cities: Choose three cities that you think are different from each other. Collect data from at least four locations in each city for each of the four combinations of race and income.
Present your data in a data table that clearly shows the comparisons you are making. The format of the table will vary a little bit depending on the type of comparison you chose in the previous step. Give your table a caption that explains the results of your comparison.
Follow all the other instructions under “All assignments must include the following.