Introduce your essay by describing the founders’ motive and historical origin of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. (Be brief and accurate in the historical information)
Compare the beliefs, rituals, morals, metaphysical views that are similar and different from the 3 religions. (Use source materials like the Torah, Bible, and the Quran to justify your answers. Besides the textbook and other sacred texts commentaries, the following web link is recommended: Internet Sacred Text Archive and then click on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.) Secondly, what do you personally think is different from the practice and beliefs of Far Eastern Religions (Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism, and Shinto) upon comparison with Judaism, Christianity, and Islam? Explain your answer.
Conclusion: After reading Chapter 12 of your textbook, what do you think the future of religions will look like upon considering the birth of new religious movements? Which among all the religions we have studied in this class ca