Comparing the death-scenes of key characters.
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Compare the death-scenes of key characters. How are they dramatized? How do they bring together or culminate major themes in the plays? How do the different characters react to the possibility of death? What do the good/bad characters tend to say as they are on the threshold of death.

Please choose from the following plays to write about:

– Macbeth
– Much Ado About Nothing
– Othello
– King Lear

Narrow it to something that you can analyze in depth in a paper of this length (5-6 pages of your own prose, not counting any inset passages you might quote).

Use the horrible MLA double-spaced block quotation format, but make your parenthetical citations conform to Shakespearean convention. That is, youre supplying act, scene, and line numbers, not page numbers. Several formats are acceptable; you just need to choose one and stick to it: (1.1.22-27) or (I, i, 22-27) are common. When you refer to acts and scenes in your prose, acts should be capitalized and scenes should be in lowercase, regardless of what Word does. Thus: In Act I, scene i, the Weird Sisters introduce the concept of ambiguity in Macbeth.