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Learning Goal: I’m working on a cyber security writing question and need support to help me learn.

In the attached research file please add the following points:

  • Section for the implementation guidelines before the future recommendations.
  • Add five figures that are meaningful from the references and explain them
  • Add all the figures and tables to the table of figures and table of contents
  • Add numbering below the figures and above the table and should be in sequence.
  • Add a section for the interview Q&A analysis (see the attached file).
  • I also cannot see the IT department use cases as required in the second point of the first post requirements.
  • Add a section talking about how each IT department (Application department, Systems department, Network department, Security department, and IT Support) can use AI in the DevOps Planning Phase to Enhance Security in their projects. Provide me with the main AI tools, threats and attacks, procedures to implement AI in the planning phase, challenges, and benefits in each case.