Imagine that you are a police supervisor, and you have several new officers who have just joined the department. You see that their formal training in the academy was good, but you notice that they seem to be overly aggressive in enforcing traffic laws. You are concerned that the new officers more aggressive tactics could cause the community to develop negative perceptions of the department.
You determine that you need to develop a plan for correcting these officers behaviors. However, additional training will likely involve the use of additional training officers to help implement your plan, which means that your department will have to spend more time and money than was budgeted for the year. As a result, you will need your departments chief to sign off on the additional funds for this training.
You will compose an essay in which you discuss your plan for ensuring that the new officers receive proper training on the use of discretion in traffic enforcement, including lessons about when a ticket should be issued and when a simple warning can be issued. Be sure that you include information about how you and the additional training officers will counsel and coach the officers regarding how to behave when conducting a traffic stop and how the officers will be disciplined and counseled if they if they fail to comply with the new training standards. Additional information about how often this training should take place (annually or as needed) and how this training will be recorded and tracked by police supervisors should be included.
Your essay should also include information that will persuade your chief to agree to the training. Be sure to discuss the consequences that could occur if the new officers are not properly trained and supervised as well as the positive things that could occur if they are properly trained and supervised.
Your essay should consist of at least two pages, not counting the references page. You should use at least two references, one of which can be your textbook. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.