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Comprehensive Outline – “Democratic Party vs Republican Party”

Find one article for this assignment and it should be related to the two parties. Don’t find an article that takes a position on something. It should be an informational article that just talks about the issue and difference between the two parties: Democratic party vs Republican party.  Only one source please. Look at the example outline how I want it to be structured. Do this assignment in an outline way than an essay. This outline is planned to be used as an essay later on.

——————————————————————————————————————————————– Requirements: Always use “third-person” – no first-person “I” Introduction Paragraph: Get the reader’s attention! ask a leading question; relay something enticing about the subject in a manner that commands attention.  You could start with a related quote, alluring description, or narrative. Try and “hook” your reader into caring or becoming interested about your topic. Thesis Statement (connected to but at the end of your introduction paragraph) State the thesis  what you are “claiming” or going to discuss in one or two sentences. 

Depending on what kind of essay you are writing, you could state the causes and effects to be discussed; comparison of subject X and subject Y; your position on the issue; your proposal if applicable; and the main points that will develop your argument. Body Paragraphs- (you can have as many paragraphs as you want as long as each paragraph discusses a different topic that supports your thesis).  

First paragraph – Topic sentence: __________________________________ Supporting evidence (examples, facts, theories, statistics, quoted authorities, details, reasons, etc.) Supporting evidence (Introduce source material?) Supporting evidence (Analysis?) Additional support?   Second Paragraph – Topic sentence: ________________________________ Support (Introduce source material?) Support (Analysis?) Additional support? Additional support?  

Third Paragraph – Topic sentence: ________________________________ Support (Introduce source material?) Support (Analysis?) Additional support? Additional support?   Conclusion Paragraph Summarize your thesis and how your evidence supports your points.  Re-emphasize your thesis in a fresh way, showing how you have achieved your purpose.  You may wish to appeal to the reader to see how you have come to a logical conclusion or make a memorable final statement.