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Write About Your Favorite Chapter
Paper details:
Hello, Welcome to project two.

This should be an easy one for everyone and afford you an opportunity to gain some easy points towards your final grade.

For this project I would like for you to write a three page essay on only one chapter covered in the class that you found most interesting and why. You should think about what you have studied in this class. Which chapter is most intriguing? Concentrate on what your expected outcome of this class was before you read the book. Did you learn any aspect of the computer business that you will feel comfortable working in?

The essay should be at least three pages long, double spaced, using Times New Roman size 12 font. You may make it longer if you wish, but not shorter. A word of caution: This is not high school. Do not fake this or pontificate.

You will be graded not only on the content but also on your grammar and punctuation, so please be sure to use spell check so that you are more likely to catch any mistakes or typos. It is often a best practice to ask a friend to read it out loud to you, so you can verify that what you have written can be understood by others. (Having said that, don’t let bad grammar keep you from turning your project in. A reduced score is much better than a zero).

Type up the essay in your favorite text processing program such as Microsoft Word, save it and attach your work to this Drop Box. Use MLA format and 12 point Times New Roman font. Do not submit huge fonts, do not copy and paste. Did you get your money’s worth from this class?

The Textbook for this class is Discovering Computers 2018: Digital Technology, Data, and Devices , 1st Edition