Diagnose the System
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Project instructions:
As Heifetz et al. state, the first step in the adaptive challenge is to diagnose the system. Your readings involved diagnosing the system, diagnosing the adaptive challenge(s), and diagnosing the political landscape.

Think about your organization where you work (or one that you are very familiar with). Conduct a diagnostic process as advised by Heifetz et al. What did you discover? What is the state of play? What might be the challenges in facing adaptive change?

In your response, include references to the materials you read this week. There are lots of ways to approach these questions, so use your imagination as well as your personal experiences.

Course Readings (please use for at least 2 of your sources):

– Complex Adaptive Leadership (Obolensky, 2014)
Chapter 3 – Evolve or Die (including the exercise)

– The Practice of Adaptive Leadership
Chapters 4-6

Additional Readings (please use for at least one source):

– Coutu, D. L. (2000). Creating the Most Frightening Company on Earth Links to an external site. Harvard Business Review, 78(5), 142-150.

– Hamel, G. (2011). First, Let’s Fire all the Managers Links to an external site. (cover story). Harvard Business Review, 89(12), 48-60.