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Each of these papers will require you to analyze the modules topic against a historical event.
The event may or may not have been in that modules Learn section and will require you to do
some research on your own. These governmental actions must be evaluated in the light of
international relations theory and Christian ethics. This will also prepare you for the research
process you will conduct when preparing your research paper.
Position Paper: Conflict & Westphalia to WWII Assignment
Choose one of the following topics:
Identify the two major traditions in thinking about international politics that in some
ways began with Hobbes and Locke. What is the central perception of each? Which is
more biblical?
How did Karl Marx and classical liberals like Richard Cobden view the relationship
between capitalism and war or peace? How well did Marxist and liberal theories account
for the onset of the First World War and other events based on domestic politics?
Explain the assignment in detail. Specify the exact requirements of the assignment. The items to
include are outlined as follows:
Length of assignment (10001200-word count)
o The abstract, title page, and references page are excluded from this count.
Use the current APA (American Psychological Association) format.
An abstract is required (on a separate page between the title page and the body of the
Each paper must have two (2) scholarly references and use Scripture.
Acceptable sources (e.g., scholarly articles published within the last ten years,
books/textbooks, government publications, and IGO/NGO publications).
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.