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Do grades define knowlege? (example of a topic).
Write an essay in which you enter the debate between the authors:
Randy Moore, Grades and Self-Esteem vs. Alfie Kohn, Confusing Harder with Better
Your purpose is to establish and support your own position in relation to the two authorsagreeing, disagreeing, or taking a mixed position toward their viewpoints. To accomplish this goal, you will need to clearly establish the topic of the debate and what each author is arguing, incorporate ideas and details from the readings into your own essay, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the authors positions, and draw upon your own personal experience and knowledge as evidence. Your essay should follow the standard structure we have discussed in class:
Introduction: Include a hook, background information (including a synthesis of the two readings), and a clear thesis statement that expresses your position in the debate.
Body Paragraphs: Clearly focus each paragraph on a distinct sub-claim (expressed in the topic sentence) and support your ideas by analyzing specific aspects of the readings and drawing upon your personal experience and knowledge as evidence.