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laboration Likelihood Model (ELM) Assignment Instructions
Considering what youve learned about the peripheral and central routes to attitude change, go onto the Internet and find one clip of a television commercial that utilizes the peripheral route, the central route, or both.
Submit a link to the clip along with a brief explanation (several sentences) of which route(s) the commercial uses and your rationale as to why the commercial uses the route(s). You will receive full credit if you are correct about the ELM route and if your rationale is accurate; points will be deducted for being inaccurate. A large majority of students use the peripheral route for this assignment so grading will be more lenient for students who use an example of the central route or both routes.
Note that students may NOT use the Family Guy Raisin Bran clip for this assignment. Students who submit that clip will receive a zero (0).
You have to submit this assignment electronically because of the inclusion of a URL, so your best option is to use the drop box on Canvas. You may also e-mail your submission to me or the teaching assistant, but this is risky for the reasons outlined in the assignment submission section of the syllabus.
Please use only one submission method if you both e-mail us and use the drop box one point will be deducted from your score.