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Multimodal Research Project
Context & Goals of the Research Component of this Project
Since the start of the semester, we have been working on honing skills youve cultivated from completing several carefully designed assignments, writing tasks, and revision. The purpose of this project is to exhibit your understanding of concepts we have learned this semester: rhetorical analysis, annotation, argumentation, and researching. Everything we have learned up to this point has been to prepare you for this research project, with the goal of starting a foundation for future academic, professional, and scholarly research you may do. Too, we are trying to move away from the stuffy and difficult-to-read genre of the traditional research paper; we want our research to be useful for someone outside of our classroom. You will aim to persuade your audience that your stance is complex, nuanced, and worth considering. For this project, you should aim to place yourself within the current conversations about your topic, without falling into the trap of forcing your argument into a pro vs con binary. Doing strong research and analysis means developing a nuanced stance (thesis) and supporting it with claims that are based on the evidence and research youve conducted.
Context & Goals for Multimodal Composing Component of this Project
Composing your writing in the digital era means adapting to new genres and discovering new ways to write. Today, its more likely that the majority of your the information you read and write happens multimodally, or through integrating useful images, videos, GIFS, tables, visuals, etc, along with text to help your audience remember your persuasive points. More simply, we understand information and are more invested in it when we dont solely use text to convey information. For this project, youll be experimenting with different genres, technologies, and ideas to create your own Multimodal Research Project.