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Assessment Overview
For the assessment of MBA UNIT 6002, there are the three assessment tasks you have to fulfil in order to
complete the MBA 6002 Unit. Details are given in Unit descriptor and also on
Assessment will be done with the following timetable:
No. Assessment Name Date Open Date of Submission
1 Discussion Participation
20% weightage
No date,
will be evaluated at the
end 5 weeks
Week 2, 3, 4, 5
Sunday 11.55pm
Individual Assignment
Discussion Questions &
Practical Exercises
35% weightage
Week 2 Week 4
Sunday 11.55pm
Individual Take Home Exam
Case Study, Discussion
Questions & Practical Exercises
45% weightage
Week 7 Week 7
Sunday 11.55 pm
Each week, you will be guided by our LMS on all the course requirements of our MBA unit including what to do in that particular week, and how to fulfi l task requirements. For each assessment, will
provide details on the assessment task and guidelines including how you will be assessed on each assessment
task, marking criteria and so on.
Some clarification on each assessment:
1. Assessment 1: Discussion Participation
You will be assessed based on your accessible login on LMS, your use of the CHAT and your interaction through
email etc. with the faculty and coordinators here at VIT. Your facilitator will make the assessment.
2. Assessment 2: Individual Assignment
Discussion questions and practical exercises that are completed individually. The relevant questions and
exercises for assessment 2 based on mini cases. The details of the assessment are provided here.
3. Assessment 3: Take Home Exam
Take home exam – case study, discussion questions and practical exercises, which must be completed
individually. The aim of this assessment is to apply the theory and concepts learned in the subject to answering
questions related to the Corporate Finance. The details are provided below.
MBA 6002 Corporate Finance 3
The following instructions are strictly applied throughout our MBA programme:
1. The assessments are an important part of unit progression and are to be attended to diligently. Hence, no
attempt at an assessment task means no marks.
2. No assessment is allowed beyond a time limit as given and announced and therefore, to be submitted in
time. Late submission would attract 10%-mark deductions for each day late submission.
3. Assessment guidelines must be followed as per the guidelines provided. For example, if the assessment is
on writing report with 2000 words, it must be like that, pages are not important but word count are necessary
In case, word count exceeds more than 10% or 10% less of the specified word count, it will consider with 10%
mark deductions.
4. All assessment to be submitted to VIT, Australia and will be checked, marked and provided with feedback. No
assessment can be done anywhere other than VIT, Australia.
5. Assessment can be submitted on LMS or email to VIT or to local invigilator who will be scanning the
assignments/answer papers and will submit on the same day to VIT, Australia.
6. Total weight of assessment and marking will be done as overall.
7. Students are required to achieve at least 40% in each assessment component and an overall mark of 50% to
achieve a pass grade in the unit. If a student does not achieve 40% in any assessment and the overall mark
for the unit is more than 50%, then a mark of 49% will be recorded for the unit.
8. The authorised agent/local facilitator can help student understand the assessment parts and also will be
appointed as Invigilator (supervision only) for the assessment.
Note: For all assignments, the preferred layout is in 12-point Calibri, with 1.5 line spacing, 5 centimetres lefthand margins and bold headings. Whenever you use the ideas and arguments of other writers, you must make
reference to the writers and their work. By acknowledging the work of others, you avoid plagiarism. The APA style
requires a reference list at the end of your assignment. It is arranged in alphabetical order by author surname.
For further clarifi cation you can contact the coordinator via email.
Further details on each assessment for MBA 6002 can be found on the following pages.
4 MBA 6002 Corporate Finance
Assessment 1
Discussion Participation Weightage 20%
Student Guidelines
1. In this class, online discussions will count towards
your assignments grade in the course. The purpose
of the discussion board is to frame and promote
collaborative learning. Active and regular participa-
tion is not only important for lecture to see, but also
important for you in learning the course content and
in developing your thoughts and positions on
various topics.
2. You are expected to participate on at least 3 differ-
ent forums. You should begin at least one thread
and provide at least three posts in response to other
particIpants threads. Posting should be a minimum
of one short paragraph and a maximum of two
paragraphs. Word totals for each post should be in
the 100-200 words range.
3. While on discussion: you agree or disagree explain
why with supporting evidence and concepts from the
readings or a related experience. Include a reference,
link, or citation when appropriate.
4. While on discussion: Be organized in your thoughts
and ideas. Incorporate correlations with the assig-
ned readings or topics. Stay on topic. Provide evi-
dence of critical and thoughtfulness in your re-
sponses or interactions. Avoid summarizing.
5. During the discussion: Contribute to the learning
community by being creative in your approaches to
topics, being relevant in the presented viewpoints,
and attempting to motivate the discussion.
6. In discussion: Be aware of grammar and
sentence mechanics. Use proper etiquette.
7. Remember that being respectful is critical at all
times in the classroom, online and during forum
chat discussions.