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IMAP Part 2: Conversion Optimization Strategy

The conversion optimization strategy is the second of a three part Internet Marketing Action Plan (IMAP). The conversion optimization strategy portion should be submitted for instructor review at the end of Week 2 and will account for 10% of your overall grade. This will allow for feedback on developing the overall IMAP Presentation. The IMAP Presentation is due at the end of Week 4 and is 35% of your overall grade.


The student will develop a conversion optimization strategy, which includes creating landing page elements, conversion funnel optimization, and a testing plan. This will be driven by the relationship development strategy and serves as the blueprint for the next section of the IMAP Traffic and Promotion Strategies. Download the attached IMAP Part 2 template and answer the following questions within the format:

Headline: Develop three (3) headline variations for testing and optimization.
Offer Summary (Copy): Develop three (3) offer variations for testing and optimization. An offer summary conveys the offer benefits, restates and reinforces the UVP.
Images and/or Video: Describe (or paste) three (3) different image variations for testing and optimization. Image elements are designed to capture what the audience needs, wants, thinks and feels at a glance.
Call to Action: Provide three (3) variations of a call to action for testing and optimization.
Statement of Trust: Provide three (3) variations of a statement of trust. This is the statement that tells visitors why they should trust you to do what you say, protect their privacy, information, etc.
Landing Page Testing and Optimization Plan: Outline the testing and optimization process* you plan to deploy for the variations of elements on your primary landing page. Include a specific test type as well as the metrics used to evaluate the results of the test. *Surveys and an A/B test are not options.
Main Funnel Navigation: Create a funnel navigation diagram of the main conversion types for your site. Then, describe the value and necessity of each step from the perspective of your business objectives and the customers’ objectives. What is the action needed for customers to make it to the next step in the funnel? Create three (3) call to action variations within each step of the funnel, in which to test and optimize each step.

One 3-4 page conversion optimization strategy Word doc.

While APA is not a requirement, if you do use resources and data to reinforce your strategies, you are required to include an in-text citation and corresponding reference list entry. Failure to do so will be considered plagiarism.

You will be graded according to the attached rubric.