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Core Knowledge, A New Science of Learning, and Action Representation

Due January 22, 2022 @ 11:59 *IMPORTANT* I will send you 3 pictures of 3 different toy pictures pertaining to this project! Thank you! *ATTACHED is the graphic organizer you will need to complete the assignment Your task for this assignment is to connect the theories you have learned this week from your reading to the design of several infant toys you can find in a local store.

For this assignment, you will use the information in Table 7.1 of The Young Child, which summarizes a few theories of cognitive, language, and literacy learning in infants. Step One: Take a trip to your local store (Target or Walmart might be good choices) and spend some time in the infant toy aisle.

Keeping in mind the three theories represented in Table 7.1 (Core Knowledge, A New Science of Learning, and Action Representation), choose three toys (one for each theory) that you think represent each of the theories well. For example, if you select a musical instrument for the Theory of Core Knowledge, you will want to be able to explain how the design of the musical instrument for infants helps them learn in the way described by the theory of Core Knowledge. You are not required to purchase these toys, but you will need a picture, so do not forget to take one of each of your three selected toys before you leave the store.

Please do not submit a picture of a toy you find online. You are required to go to the store, select three toys, and take your own pictures; if you do not take your own pictures you cannot get credit for that portion of the assignment. Once your three toys are selected and you have taken pictures of them, complete the table below in paragraph form. You can highlight this table and copy and paste it if you like, or make your own like it. Submit a document with the completed table, including your pictures.