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The purpose of this assignment is to discuss scholarly research pertaining to topics or issues in
corrections. Thus, select a topic or issue in corrections that you want to examine and know more
about. This topic or issue on corrections can be something that you read about in the textbook
and/or the Travis Pratt book in this class. Or, your selected topic or issue on corrections can be
something that was not covered in this course.
For your paper, then, make sure to obtain and review at least five (5) scholarly research journal
articles that examine your chosen topic or issue. In order to provide a current review, please
make sure at least three of your selected research journal articles are no more than ten (10)
years old (or published in 2012 or later).
Requirements – Please discuss the following in your paper:
1. Why did you choose this topic/issue of corrections? What are your views, attitudes, and
beliefs about this topic/issue before reading the articles? (approx. 1.5 pages)
2. After reviewing your selected research journal articles, please discuss the research on your
selected correctional topic or issue. Please make sure to discuss the following: (approx. 7
Give an introduction of your chosen topic/issue (e.g. management of prisons,
effectiveness of parole or probation; reentry or assimilation of released prisoners in the
community; effectiveness of educational, vocational, or spiritual programs in correctional
facilities for prisoners, restorative justice in prisons, etc.)
Discuss the significance of your chosen topic/issue. In other words, why is your chosen
correctional topic/issue important and worthy of study?
Discuss the major findings and concepts from your review of the research on your chosen
topic or issue.
Discuss the policies, strategies, programs, interventions, services, etc. that were suggested
by the research studies to effectively address or improve your chosen topic or issue.
Discuss any theories that were used to inform thinking about your topic/issue in the
journal articles, various samples used in the studies, various hypotheses tested in the
research articles, and various methodologies used in the research journal articles.
3. After reading the journal articles, what impact did it have on your views, attitudes, and beliefs
about this topic/issue of corrections? Explain. (approx. 1.5 pages)
Additional Requirements
1) Please give your paper an appropriate title page including your name, date, and a title for
your paper.
2) All references must be cited in the body of the paper (in-text) and in a separate reference list
at the end of your paper. Adhere to the APA format.
3) Page length: At least 10 pages, not including the title page and reference page. The paper
should be double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font.
4) Please support your discussions with specific examples from the research journal articles.
5) Please be sure to proofread your paper. Papers that are vague, hard to follow, and/or filled
with typos and other grammatical errors will receive a lower grade.
Helpful Information
1) Please contact the UHCL Writing Center for helpful assistance in writing your paper. Their
contact information is on pages 5 and 6 of the course syllabus.
2) Please also contact the UHCL Criminology Librarian Ms. Cindy Goode for helpful
information and assistance on using UHCL library resources (e.g. searching for and locating
research journal articles on your chosen topic/issue). Ms. Goode can be reached at 281-283-
3917; email: [email protected] and at the UHCL library. More generally, the UHCL library
research consultation office can also be contacted at 281-283-3910, in person at the UHCL
library, or via the online appointment form available at: https://uhcl.libcal.com/appointments