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Cost-Justifying HRIS Investments
1. What approaches to justifying this investment might Sylvia consider?
2. What are some of the costs and benefits involved in this investment in an HRIS? Which would you be sure to include in your BCA of this project, and why?
3. Explain how to estimate costs and benefits, both direct and indirect, in terms that Jim will understand. (Remember, Jim always has his eye on the bottom line.)
4. Explain how to calculate a CBA to justify the HRIS project. Would you use cost reduction or organizational enhancement (or both) as a strategy for justifying the purchase?
All responses must be 300-words or more as thought-out responses are required. The assignments should represent the students careful, thoughtful efforts to cover the key elements of the topic thoroughly. Failure to follow these instructions will result in a deduction in points for this assignment.
Book: Human Resource Information Systems Edition: 5