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Crash Analysis – American Airlines Flight 965

Welcome to your second crash analysis, the goal of this analysis is to incorporate what you have read up to this point in the textbook (especially Chapter 8), and complete an analysis of the accident based on the video supplied and any external research you choose to do.  I am looking for a well-researched, well articulated response that incorporate many of the items discussed in Chapters 1-7. As a reminder, what this crash analysis IS NOT meant to do:

You "Google" online websites as Wikipedia or search the NTSB database and provide a script of what has already been produced Provide a laundry list of facts about the accident without any mention of topics from the book or articulate thought Please use the six (6) bullets below, copy/paste if needed so each answer choice is separated and I can see your answer for each topic, then upload to the assignment by the deadline.  PLEASE complete each bullet as a manager, consider procedures and processes as well as topic points from the first eight chapters of the textbook.

Download and review the video (will not work with Apple/Macbooks) and post your analysis of the crash based on the following questions. Provide an overview of the accident in your own words, present what happened based on factual data without judgement or fault. What were the contributing factors to the accident based on YOUR analysis? Did any of the safety systems we discussed in Chapter 8 contribute to the accident, or aid in attempting to prevent it?

What role did the pilots and cabin crew play in the accident? What could have been done to prevent this accident? What recommendations were made by the FAA/NTSB? What has been done/could be done to prevent this "type" of accident from happening again? Answer as a manager, as if it was YOUR responsibility to submit policies to prevent this from happening again. PLEASE, label each of the 6 bullets, then answer below each bullet so I know you are answering the question asked.  APA 7th Edition References Guidance