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To Complete this assignment – you may reference pages 63 to 71 of your text for background on the Constitution and the Second Amendment – If you do not have access to the text you may reference other texts to find the First Ten Amendments of the United States Constitution and Reference Amendment Two  -  You have until TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 15 2021 at 9:00 am to complete this written assignment – We will discuss your findings during our class session

STEP 1. 

  Read –
  Unit 6    Individual Rights and Liberties ( pages 63 to 71 if you have the text) and has everything to do with the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution – The Right of Free Speech
The first step to the assignment is to research Hate Groups and their activities here in Chicago or Illinois or the Mid-West – write a summary of what you found- who they are – where they exist – what their mission/purpose is etc. 

STEP 2. 
Take the time this week between now and today    – Survey (ask ) other students- your parents or people you meet and would be comfortable talking with what they know about and what they think about the second amendment or Freedom of Speech.   Also ask them about their views on current issues/areas of concern immigration and the changes President Biden and his administration are putting in place, gun control, cameras in courtrooms, cameras in classrooms , police as security in public schools, school censorship, Pandemic information – Covid -19 Vaccines, Health Care, or same sex marriages, and/or same sex adoptions or any issue that you feel is controversial. 

 STEP 3. 
 After you conduct your survey devise a strategy for educating peers, parents, and community members about rights and responsibilities under the Bill of Rights

STEP 4. 
Submit your findings as a Written Assignment in the Assignment Section by Tuesday September 14 2021
Participate in the Second Discussion regarding – the Hate Group(s) you discovered – whether you feel they should have rights under the second amendment – stating why or why not
Complete your survey -findings – if people you had a chance to ask even to know about the second amendment – their views on the Freedom of Speech and other issues of interest to them 

What you would do to address these issues – or what advice you would give someone on how to be "heard" or get the issue addressed