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critical appraisal of literature and conceptual framework

This assignment will assist in critically reviewing literature and articulating a conceptual framework relevant to your identified quantitative issue requiring investigation, intervention, or evaluation.

You will be required: To submit a critical appraisal of relevant literature (i.e., literature review); Articulate a conceptual framework to guide the development of a quantitative research proposal that is based on existing theoretical frameworks and relevant literature. Critical Appraisal of Literature: Address what previous research has been done on your topic.  Dont describe each study in detail, but group studies with similar findings or similar methodologies (i.e., synthesis). Your critical appraisal should identify strengths and limitations of previous investigations (at least 8 of which used quantitative designs). 

If there is a lack of literature on an aspect of your topic, state this.  You then will need to review similar research that has been done either another clinical population or in another discipline, and then suggest that your study will evaluate an intervention or explore a concept in your selected population. NOTE: in order to provide some context about the literature contained in the critical appraisal, you will want to summarize

the literature search (e.g., terms used, limits applied, dates, etc). Conceptual Framework: Articulate the origins of your conceptual framework (e.g., theoretical framework/models) used to define the study of relationships in the development of your quantitative research proposal. Describe the conceptual framework and include a diagram that shows the relationships between your variables.