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Imagine that you are a staff nurse that has identified a problem in your unit. You have created a PICO and taken the draft to your supervisor. Your supervisor asks you to complete a brief report using your PICO and two articles (one qualitative and one quantitative) to support your practice change suggestion.

For this activity, you may use the PICO identified in the or a new PICO of your choice.

Use one of the following databases to find one qualitative and one quantitative article to appraise and support the proposed intervention in the PICO:

  • The following databases are available through the LIRN library. You can access the LIRN Library in the Canvas navigation bar.
    • CINAHLPlus
    • Medline (PubMed or Ovid)
    • Proquest Central

Write a 1-to-2 page summary report for your supervisor using the articles found. The report should include

  • A detailed summary of the problem identified in the unit, along with the PICO
  • A summary of the articles findings
  • The reliability of the articles selected to defend your practice change suggestion