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Prompt (What are you writing about):

In a well-crafted 2-page essay, respond to the following prompt (roughly 500 works or more):

Based on your reading of Derrick Bells The Space Traders What would you say was a major conflict in Derrick Bells The Space Traders?

Consider the following:

    • What is the central focus of your essay?
    • What is your thesis statement?
    • How does your thesis statement connect to the story?
    • What examples from the main text can you provide that demonstrate support for your thesis?

Mini-lesson on thesis statements:

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What is the setting of my chosen story? What is the place? What is the mood created by the author? How do the place and mood affect the story for the reader? 
  • For example, it is apparent that in Whitmans I Hear America Singing you would devote a supporting section to the locations of his poem and a supporting section to the mood he creates through the setting.